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It’s important to understand the functions of the brain and how the brain learns best.  Open Minds Enterprises is a company dedicated to translating neurological research into teaching/training practices.  Dr. Lou Whitaker is a neuroeducator who provides staff development programs for teachers and administrators as well as training sessions for businesses.  

Contact Dr. Whitaker to learn how your business, school or your entire educational district can incorporate brain friendly strategies to improve learning thus increasing student achievement or productivity in the workplace.  Lou Whitaker may be reached at



Professional Development


For Schools:

Good professional develoopment programs are critical to any school system that values keeping their teachers and administrators abreast of best practices based on research. Dr. Whitaker enjoys working with staffs that understand that in order to improve student achievement, they must begin with improving their own personal teaching skills.


Dr. Whitaker is also well known for the classes she creates for students as well as her seminars or parents.  There are workshops for children three years old through adulthood.  People need to understand how the brain works and what they can do to help optimize their own learning experiences.    Parents love her workshops because she not only gives advice on how they can help their children become better learners, but she also explains what is happening to the brain as the child grows and matures throughout life. 

For Businesses:

In the business field, Dr. Whitaker           works with trainers and provides             them with strategies to help them improve their training sessions back at their workplace.  These “Training the Trainers” sessions help employees retain more information making them more effective on the job.

Presentations on how the brain learns best!

To view neurological research translated into classroom practice click on 

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